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Learn about our healthcare solution — including prebuilt Epic and HL7/FHIR APIs, integration templates for patient 360 interoperability, and more.

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  • Payers
  • Life sciences

Create the experience that patients deserve

Achieve new standards of care by connecting EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences, and more.

Deliver a connected patient journey

Ensure that providers have the latest patient data in real-time — no matter where it lives

Optimize practice workflows

Improve staff efficiency and quality of care by digitizing and automating clinical processes

Support value-based care

Track and perform against key population health metrics by orchestrating patient data

Unlock and act on patient data

Use Tableau and MuleSoft to connect disparate apps and visualize data

Accelerate clinical trial coordination

Improve R&D operational efficiency and increase investigator productivity with API-led connectivity

Healthcare interoperability with APIs

Learn how to achieve healthcare interoperability by simplifying compliance with FHIR-based APIs

MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare demo

See how you can build a 360-degree patient view with healthcare API designs and examples

Healthcare integration with Salesforce and MuleSoft

Watch how NYU Langone Health provides their call service agents with a 360-degree patient view

An API-led approach to unlocking clinical data

Learn how UCSF enables patients to easily access and interact with care delivery in a digital, personalized way

Modernize the member experience

Better meet members’ needs by connecting disparate applications, clearinghouses, EHRs, and devices. 

Enhance member and provider engagement

Interact with members and providers in real-time across web and mobile.

Develop new revenue channels

Expand into public insurance exchanges and other enrollment channels.

Leverage healthcare analytics

Identify gaps in care and implement value-based contracting.

API-led connectivity and healthcare payers

Learn how Anypoint Platform helps enterprise payer organizations pioneer new business models with an API-led approach

Building a platform for digital insurance

See how Legal & General built a digital insurance platform to diversify product offerings and meet customer expectations

EBMS builds a data interchange platform

Hear how EBMS increased client onboarding by 8X by connecting data across the enterprise

Power the next era of medical innovation

Accelerate product and drug development, drive patient engagement, and increase operational efficiency with an API strategy.

Develop devices and therapies faster

Transform R&D by providing end-to-end visibility into clinical trial data

Improve service and engagement

Strengthen patient support programs through new engagement channels

Drive market expansion

Grow new revenue channels through process optimization and real-time partner integrations

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

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See how connectivity can power life sciences companies

Pfizer’s application network

Learn how Pfizer decreased IT delivery costs by 69% and accelerated innovation with an application network

Digital strategy guide

Get a 4-step guide on how life sciences companies can accelerate product development with APIs

Hologic customer story

See how Hologic uses APIs to connect Salesforce, Oracle, and others — increasing integration speed